Memorials In Israel

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Besides our work with and in the former Atlit detention camp, LNF has taken part in a number of memorial actions in Israel, in order to express sorrow and repentance for the negative actions of British forces and officials during the Mandate period. In some cases these have been ?one off? placements of a plaque or wreath, but there are annual ceremonies of remembrance in Israel that LNF participates in every year, placing a wreath alongside those of Jewish people and organisations. The pictures below illustrate some of these events and memorials.

Hebrpn Massacre Wreath

Wreath and memorial plaque in Hebron concerning the massacre of the Jewish community there in 1929, which British forces could have prevented but declined to do so. The plaque is now a permanent reminder in the Hebron museum.

Wreath placed by LNF every year at the annual memorial service for the victims of the Hadassah Convoy Massacre, at which British forces stood and watched the death of doctors and civilian patients at the hands of Arabs.

Hadassah Convoy annual wreath
Yad Vashem wreath laying

Two representatives of LNF laying a wreath at a ceremony at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, 2013