San Remo Centenary

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Castello Devachan, San RemoCastello Devachan stands on a hillside at the end of Corso degli Inglesi, overlooking the Italian Riviera town of San Remo. The villa itself has a chequered history, including use as the local Gestapo HQ during the Second World War, but its claim to fame dates from April 1920 when it was used by the newly-formed League of Nations to house a conference to decide the future of the Middle East in the aftermath of the First World War. Here lie the beginnings of the reborn State of Israel, and the Agreements made at that conference are still valid today and vital to a proper understanding of Israel's right to its land, including territory currently occupied by Palestinian Arabs.

2020 marked the centenary of this conference, and therefore of the Mandates which stemmed from it. The COVID-19 pandemic prevented us from holding any live events, but a team staged a webinar with international speakers to mark this important centenary.

Visit our dedicated project page, "Pathway for Peace", and watch the webinar