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only really happened after WWII).     “the people whose             (also known as “Transjordan”).
            It is strongly arguable that the                                    However, the eastern boundary of
            State of Israel has been faithful       connection with             Palestine was finally determined
            to this principle – it is the only    Palestine has been            by the Palestine Order-in-Council,
            real democracy in the Middle East                                   which was then communicated by
            where “civil and religious rights”    recognized is still           way of a note to the Council of the
            of all citizens are respected and                                   League of Nations in September
            protected by law.                 outside its boundaries”           1922. Article 2 of this note stated
                                                                                that the provisions of “the Mandate
            4. Diaspora protections                                             for Palestine are not applicable
            The Mandate also stated that      5. Later borders – north,         to the territory known as Trans-
            “nothing should be done which     east, south                       Jordan”. The British government
            might prejudice the … rights and   The San Remo Resolution and      took this step under Article 25 of
            political status enjoyed by Jews   the Mandate for Palestine did not   the Mandate. The Council of the
            in any other country”. This is also   specifically define the borders of   League of Nations approved this
            remarkable, when one realizes     the Mandate territory of Palestine;   decision which was confirmed in
            that in the subsequent decades,   these were to be fixed by the     an Anglo-Transjordanian Treaty of
            especially after the creation of   Principal Allied Powers. Although the   20 February 1928. The southern
            the State of Israel, hundreds of   British-French boundary agreement   boundary between Palestine
            thousands of Jews were forced to   of 1920 included the Golan Heights   and Egypt was established by a
            leave their homes and properties in   in the Palestine Mandate, the   boundary agreement between the
            many countries in the Middle East.  boundary line between “the Greater   British and the Ottomans in 1906.
                                              Lebanon and Syria on the one side
                                              and Palestine on the other side”
                                              was demarcated more specifically in   * Jacob Stoyanovsky, The Mandate for Palestine: A
                                              a later agreement in 1922 in which   Contribution to the Theory and Practice of  International
                                              the Golan Heights fell under the   Mandates (London: Longmans, Green & Co., 1928):
                                              Mandate for Syria.

                                              To the east, in the first instance   About The Author
                                              the Principal Allied Powers had    Andrew Tucker is an Australian-born
                                                                                 international lawyer. Based in The Netherlands,
                                              agreed that the territory of Palestine   he is Principal of Tucker & Associates, Director
                                              was to include the territories lying   of the think-tank The Hague Initiative for
                                                                                 International Co-operation (“thinc.”), and
                                              between the Jordan River and the   International Adviser to Christians for Israel
                                              eastern boundary of Palestine      International.

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