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Mandate for Palestine

            How did the San Remo Resolution contribute to the Mandates?

                                                                             Andrew Tucker

                he Covenant of the League of                                    It was on the basis of this
            TNations, which was incorporated                                    resolution, together with Article
            into the Treaty of Versailles (Jan                                  22 of the Covenant, that the
            1920), established in its Article 22                                Mandates for Mesopotamia, Syria
            a system of Mandates applicable                                     and Palestine were subsequently
            to the former German colonies and                                   drafted. The Mandate for Palestine
            to the territories that had been                                    was approved by the Council of the
            part of the collapsed Ottoman                                       League of Nations in July 1922.
            Turkish Empire. The latter were all                                 There are several unique aspects of
            considered “Class A” Mandates                                       the Mandate for Palestine:
            for having the most developed             San Remo Conference, 1920
            peoples, compared to those in                                       1. Virtual beneficiaries
            Africa and elsewhere. These       The Principal Allied and Associated   Unlike the other Mandates, the
            Mandates were intended “as an     Powers (Britain, France, Italy and   beneficiaries of the Mandate
            international institution with an   Japan; plus the USA) met in April   for Palestine were specifically
            international object—a sacred     1920 to determine the future of   named: “the Jewish people” – who
            trust of civilization”, to prepare the   these territories. The question for   constituted, at the time, only a
            territories for self-government in   resolution was: which Mandates   minority of the total population
            view of the welfare, development   would Britain and France each    in the territory of Palestine. The
            and protection of the peoples of the   obtain, and what would be the   Preamble to the Mandate states
            territory.                        boundaries of these Mandates? On   that recognition was given to “the
             “the Mandates were               25 April 1920, the Supreme Council   historical connection of the Jewish
                                                                                people with Palestine and to the
                                              agreed to create Mandates for Syria,
            intended as ‘a sacred             Mesopotamia and Palestine. The    grounds for reconstituting their
           trust of  civilization’ ”          full resolution is reproduced later in   national home in that country”.
                                                                                With these words, the League of
                                              this booklet.

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