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hundreds of thousands, at least,   now the chief obstacle to a Jewish   “Britain’s 1939
             could have escaped if Britain had   national home, some Jewish
             been faithful to the terms of the   militias, namely the Irgun and the   White Paper violated
             Mandate.  Instead, they finished up   Stern Gang, resorted to violence
             in the Nazi death camps.          against the British, their deadliest   our pledge, trapping
                                               attack being the King David Hotel   Jews in Nazi Europe”
             Most of those who did survive     bombing. They succeeded in driving
             the Holocaust had lost nearly     the British from Palestine.
             everyone in their families.  They                                  technology, operational techniques
             were homeless, penniless refugees   Since those deplorable days –   and intelligence. British warships
             who wanted just one thing: to go   when the British Chief of the   are frequent visitors to the port of
             home to their Promised Land.  Many   Imperial General Staff confidently   Haifa, where they once sought to
             thousands tried to reach it in small   predicted the rapid defeat of the   blockade incoming refugees, and
             overcrowded and often unseaworthy   Zionists by the Arab armies that   2019 saw the first deployment of
             boats.  At least 3,000 Holocaust   invaded in 1948, some even led   Israeli combat aircraft to the UK for
             survivors drowned as a result of the   by British officers – relations   a multinational exercise. Few foreign
             British naval blockade.  Those who   between the Israel Defence Forces   armies are held in such high regard
             did make it were imprisoned near   and the British armed forces, as   by the British as the IDF, who since
             Haifa, in Cyprus, or elsewhere.   well as the national intelligence   9/11 have been fighting the same
                                               services, have been transformed.   enemies using the same tactics in
             Forced by Arab intransigence which   Few other countries enjoy such   what is effectively the same conflict.
             had led the British to become     close cooperation, including in
                                                                                * Quoted from her interview in “The Forsaken Promise”
                                                                                produced by Hugh Kitson: <http://forsakenpromise.
                                                                                For further information, see the two-part documentary
                                                                                series “Whose Land?” by Hugh Kitson and Richard
                                                                                Kemp: <>

                                                                                  About The Author
                                                                                 Col. Richard Kemp, CBE, is a retired British
                                                                                 Army Officer, expert in Security and Intelligence
                                                                                 matters, and Commander of the British Forces
                                                                                 in Afghanistan in 2003/2004.  He was attached
                                                                                 to the Cabinet Office between 2001 and 2006,
                                                                                 serving as Chairman of the Joint Intelligence
                                                                                 Committee advising the national crisis
                                   Exodus 1947 ship after British takeover
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