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“Stand by the ways and see, and ask for the                       adopted also by Britain’s allies,

              ancient paths – where the good way is – and                       who formally introduced it into
                                                                                binding international law at the

              walk in it; and you will find rest for your                       San Remo Conference.  Historians,
                                                                                international lawyers, and other
              souls.” (Jeremiah 6:16, Hebrew Bible)                             public figures have contributed
                                                                                short, focused articles about the
                                                                                Resolution itself, its significance
            to world civilisation through their   caused them indescribable grief   and subsequent impact, and its
            creativity and skills, their culture   and rejection.               legacy of ongoing relevance for
            and philosophical principles, such                                  current disputes about ‘occupied
            as human rights – that every human   But in all their wandering and   territory’, ‘illegal settlements’, and
            is created equally in the image   suffering, the Jewish people have   the status of Jerusalem.
            of God.  Their sacred Scriptures   never had another homeland
            are considered authoritative by   than the land promised to their   All excerpted quotes and headings
            Christianity also, and Muslims    ancestors Abraham, Isaac and      in the articles were chosen by the
            share a respect for their writers and   Israel.  Their ancient Scriptures   editor; the text itself should alone
            stories.  Sadly, those most inspired   contain repeated divine promises   be quoted as the words of the
            by their spiritual heritage have also   of an eventual regathering for the   authors, who do not necessarily
                                              benefit of all nations.  Following   agree with each other’s views.
                                              three centuries of British Christian   Even so, they join with the coalition
                                              activism to see this hope realised,*   of organisations who initiated this
                                              Britain’s wartime cabinet issued the   centennial project, to commend to
                                              Balfour Declaration on 2 November   the reader the enduring value of
                                              1917, promising to use its best   this pathway for peace.
                                              endeavours to support the desire of
                                              the Jewish people to establish their   Dr James Earle Patrick
                                              national home in their ancestral   Editor
                                              land, and respecting the rights of all
                                              its other inhabitants.
                                                                                * Dr James E. Patrick, British Christian History and
                                              This guide                        the Jewish People: Recovering an Ancient Spiritual
                                              The articles assembled in this    Legacy (Cambridge: Grove Books, 2017).
                                              educational guide tell the story of
              Synagoga and Ecclesia in Our Time, Saint Joseph’s Univ.
                                              how that declaration of intent was

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