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                    One hundred years ago, the world witnessed the beginning of  a new
                    international initiative for peace.  The League of  Nations was created in

                    January 1920, following the bloodshed of  the First World War.  It was
                    the first worldwide intergovernmental organisation whose primary purpose

                    was to preserve world peace, later succeeded by the United Nations.

             For the Middle East specifically, a   took root, such as a ‘two-state   Resolution’s two basic principles
             new pathway for peace was also   solution’, but with very little   are both vital: (i) national identity
             laid at San Remo in Italy just three   peaceful cooperation to show   and sovereign rights of one primary
             months later, fixed securely within   for it.  In the public debate over   ethnic group, and (ii) protection of
             the same framework of international  international law pertaining to   minority rights–both of which are
             treaty law.                      Israel and the Palestinian people,   authentically Jewish ideas. Now at
                                              certain consensus views became    the centenary of this key moment
             A forgotten key                  established, without full knowledge   for world peace, the time is ripe for
             Over the following decades, as   of the legal facts.               a reassessment of the best way
             further conflicts reshaped the                                     forward in the Middle East, informed
             world, the San Remo Resolution   The San Remo Resolution was       by the values and vision that
             lay classified in the British War   still largely forgotten until around   shaped its legal foundations.
             Archives, due to its inclusion   2007, when several international
             in the minutes of official peace   jurists including Jacques Gauthier   The gift of the Jewish
             negotiations rather than in      and the late Howard Grief came to   people
             a separate treaty (the text is   the conclusion, independently of   During their millennia of dispersion
             reproduced at the end of this    one another, that it was still valid   among all nations, the Jewish
             booklet).  New ideas for peace   and therefore highly relevant.  The   people have contributed greatly

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